Flying over Iceland

I flew over Iceland! Main emphasis of the flight was to observe in the late summer the vegetation, i.e. carbon production in North East Iceland. It was part of my Ph.D. study in University of Iceland. It was made thanks to my amazing supervisors. We were flying on Cessna 185. I measured the track of the flight with my Garmin 60CS GPS receiver.

Below you can see the map of the flight. Red line shows the flight from Reykjavæík to Egilsstaðir where after refueling we flew back to Reykjavík seen on the orange line. The blue lines defines the catchment boundaries of the rivers I studied in my Ph.D. research.

View Larger Map

Here you can some of the thousands of the photos we did on one of the most beautiful places on this World.

See also photos mapped here or for Google Earth here.

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