GPS maps of Scandinavia

I compiled myself a GPS map for all Scandinavian countries. Few moments later it was uploaded into my Garmin GPSmap 60CS. Sorry Garmin, but thanks to my parents I became a cartographer and it is shame for me to pay you for outdated maps. But thank you for the hardware. Actually this GPS receiver from Garmin was supposed to be durable but the belt clip bolt broke on the 2nd week, Garmin service didn't know how to fix it. I fixed it myself. Then the USB port neded a fix, then the keypad needed a replacement. Later on, the moderate heat of southern Europe unstuck the ruber top of the receiver as it was on my belt. And this "reliable" device made in SE Asia was advertised as an outdoor receiver. I wonder shall I go for 60CSx or is there another option? Garmin Oregon?

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